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At Ålmarium Sours®, we are WILD! about wild flavours!    


We are very pleased to introduce the uniquely complex

and exquisitely distinctive flavour that

Pomarium Renaissance® brings to the market.


Become acquainted with lesser known, tiny members of the apple family (Malus).


Also called crabapples, these are small-sized fruits with powerful flavours. 


Our trees begin life as seeds we collect from small-fruited, wild-flavoured apple trees. Trees in the apple family do not come true fromseed. Grown from seed, our seedlings are as different from one another as are snowflakes. Each new tree brings a surprise.


We wait for seedlings to grow large enough to produce fruit. Then select which trees to grow in our orchard by grafting those with fruits that contribute interesting flavours to the juice. 


Pomarium Renaissance represents roughly 30 years of trial and error in selecting which flavour components of which particular small-fruited and wild-flavoured seedlings work well together. 


Harvested fruit goes directly from the orchard into deep freeze to keep its profile as fresh as possible before it is pressed. 


We've developed our own technique to process these fruits so we can get maximum flavour and nutritional value into the final product without adding anything or taking anything away.



The juice is heated only during a brief period of pasteurization when it is hand-packed. The pasteurized juice is indistinguishable from raw in flavour and colour. And as soon as you open a bottle or jar, it is no longer pasteurized.


Pomarium Renaissance  is a sophisticated, non-alcoholic crafted juice, makes magic with other foods in the kitchen, and confidently takes its place on the dinner table. Its distinctive flavour pairs well with a very wide range of foods and particularly well with spicy and fermented foods. Its distinctive red colour makes it visually appealing on the table. 


Pomarium Renaissance performs solo on its own stage.  In the world of apples, Pomarium Renaissance stands in a class of its own.


Ready to get acquainted? 


------Please credit Ålmarium Sours® when citing our work------


Pomarium Renaissance® differs from familiar apple juice in several important ways. 

To avoid any possibility of confusion or misrepresentation, please be aware that:

Pomarium Renaissance does not conform to the three main regulatory criteria required of "Standard Apple Juice” in Canada because:

1. It is higher in acids than “Standard Apple” Juice. 

2. Its red colour is not any shade of the mandated amber colour associated with “Standard Apple” Juice. 

3. Its taste is not recognizable to most people as the familiar flavour of “Standard Apple” Juice.